This Naked Asian Hunk Teaches Sexy Life Lessons

This Naked Asian Hunk Teaches Sexy Life LessonsMeet Peter Le. Along with hosting an award-winning porn site,, this ripped stud's on a mission to make your life better one video at a time. From how to look your sexy best in five minutes flat to selecting the best mosquito repellant (!!), you'll hang on to his every word because have you seen his body? Get ready to ravenously drool while also enhancing your quality of life.

Get Dressed in a Flash
God knows it can take forevs to get ready for a night on the town. Peter does it in five minutes flat. Watch him shower, moisturize, and toss on a trendy outfit in the snap of a finger, all while his towel almost slips off to reveal his luscious bubble bum. Of course, five minutes is easy for a hairless stud who doesn't need to shave and already is the pinnacle of physical perfection. Your dear Cedric needs hours of magic potions and smoke and mirrors before he can show his face to his adoring public.

No Mo' Mosquitoes
Peter here tries to tell us how to save your bloodstreams from those pesky suckers while in Hawaii. He claims he got bitten everywhere, including his cock!! Can we see? His body still looks flawless. Although the advice he gives is certainly helpful, who can pay attention with those abs and that bulge looking us right in the face? Whichever mosquito repellant works best, we'd be happy to help him apply.

ยท 31 Cold Days of Hot Guys #16: Peter Le (

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