Here's Two For the Sex Seesaw

Here's Two For the Sex Seesaw"Oh, the wonders that I find, in the adult playground in my mind." Clint Holmes definitely wasn't thinking about a playground quite as salacious as we found here. But if we're gonna watch grown studs ride a seesaw, we'll take the one strapped with dildos of all sizes. Who wants to take a ride?

The extreme film "Fisting Playground 1" takes pornstars like Roman Wright and Jack Often and sets them on various whimsical contraptions for some hardcore extreme fucking. This tumblr blog turned the seesaw spectacle into a couple wacky gifs.

Here's Two For the Sex SeesawThe giganto mega-dildo is frankly a bit too much for most to handle. Yet, the thought of bottoming for such a silly sex toy sounds like it's time for night-long recess.

Rrrrrring! There's the bell. Time to go play.

· Fisting Playground #1, Scene 4
· Playground ( via Roman Wright and Jack Often Playing in Adult Playground (

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