You Won’t Believe What Comes Out of this Bodybuilder’s Mouth, or What Goes in It

Who doesn’t love a guy with a dirty mouth, right? But this stacked Brit has got the absolute filthiest mouth we’ve ever seen, and it has nothing to do with what he says.

It’s because not only does he talk a mean game about fucking pussy (and that accent!) but then he blows his big fat load right into his own mouth. Man, that is dirty. So dirty it made us shoot ourselves right in the face too. This video really has everything: muscles, dirty talk, big uncut dick, a copious cumshot. If only there wasn’t so much pussy talk.

Here’s another of our foul-mouth friend’s videos.

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  • flm3454

    The pussy talk’s the ONLY reason I love this

  • Anonymous

    Oh my goodness…..I knew a guy in my past that looked like that. Same build and everything….I always fantasized about hot he looked naked…This was not him, but my God it’s close. Excuse my now while I go do something that is supposed to make me blind…