Hallelu! Randy Blue Finally Features An Asian Muscle God!

Hallelu! Randy Blue Finally Features An Asian Muscle God!Watch our happy dance because our eyes hath seen the glory of a gay porn rarity: a smokin' hot, ripped, tattooed Asian sex fiend. As we noted in our Diversity Roundup, Randy Blue is one of the few websites to feature the occasional man of color. It was surprising that they haven't had a single Asian performer within the past year. That's all changed with Christian Thorn, a fit as fuck filipino who jerks-off on his bed, and gives us ample time to admire his smooth round ass and deliriously delicious hole.

Even more refreshing, Christian is not the twinky, effeminiate Asian stereotype that dominates most guys' perceptions. Twinky Asians are sexy, but we love it when a body type comes along that defies people's expectations of desire. Christian is hardcore, with a body covered in rough, masculine tattoos, each of which we'd like to outline with our fingers. Our favorite is the stylized map of the Philippines over his left pec. Wear your culture proud, man!

Hallelu! Randy Blue Finally Features An Asian Muscle God!He's sadly very silent during his jack-off session. We'd love to hear him talk to the camera, or moan a bit, or anything. Here's hoping Randy features Christian in an action scene because we're dying to know, is he a top or a bottom? We're hoping top. It'd be very Christian-like for Randy to show us.

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· Christian Thorn (randyblue.com)

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