Here's the Publicity Seeking Penis of Levi Crocker of "A-List: Dallas"

November 1, 2011 | Posted in Editorial Features by cedric-dewittison

Here's the Publicity Seeking Penis of Levi Crocker of "A-List: Dallas" Are you watching "The A-List: Dallas"? Neither are we. Will you watch now that gay cowpoke Levi Crocker has flashed his cock across the internet? Check out his southern shaft and you tell us.

We'd be a bit more impressed if this wasn't such an obvious publicity stunt to drum up interest in the series. If it worked for Manhattan's "A-List" D-lister Reichen Lehmkuhl, it's gotta work for a Dallas Zzzz-lister, right? Guess something must be working, since gay blogs are now chatting about this ridiculous show.

Here's the Publicity Seeking Penis of Levi Crocker of "A-List: Dallas"We're only posting Levi's picture in our slavish effort to bring you as many naked "celebrities" as possible. It's our journalistic, duty. Yeah, "duty." That's it. Actually, this may not even be Levi since he hasn't officially confirmed it. But, our fact checker called our two eyes is pretty confident it is.

Full disclosure, we checked out the show merely to get some insight into the man whose cock we're looking at. We seriously think the gay men on this show are living with a mental disability. Their voices are afflicted with the most severe level of the "gayvoice" speech impediment. Their faces constantly contort in harsh nervous ticks, morphing between cunty and moronic. Levi may be the most subdued, since instead of coming across as mentally deficient, he merely seems stoned.

Oh, and for those of us hoping for a cast member of color, we could have done without the African-American flame Phillip who makes the character of Hollywood Montrose from the film "Mannequin" look like Russell Crowe.

This decrepit show isn't worth us typing a single letter more. So, guys, here's one cast member's cock, y'all. Tah-dah!

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