The Strange Case of Greg and Joey, Gay Porn’s Amateur Ass-Pounding Brothers

The Strange Case of Greg and Joey, Gay Porn's Amateur Ass-Pounding BrothersWe recently stumbled across a reposting of one of the most awesome amateur sex clips we’ve ever seen on the internet. But then when we did a little bit of digging, what we found out made these buttfucking brothers even better.

The clip below is of gay porn amateur duo Greg & Joey. From what we can tell based on whispers in the darker corners of the gay porn internet, is that they were a pair of step-brothers who made these hardcore amateur VHS tapes back in the ’90s and they were passed from gay to gay. It’s like an amateur gay porn viral success story before the internet even happened!

There are longer clips (and different clips) of these two doing it in all sorts of ways, but this one (which we actually posted before is still my favorite. Greg, the hunky top, fucks Joey while the news is on, the dog watches, and they keep checking the blinds to make sure that a parent isn’t going to come home and catch them. This is seriously one of the hottest movies we’ve ever seen, and we’re glad that what was once VHS has been preserved for the internet age.

  • Anonymous

    Classic! One of my all time favorites…right up there with “My Str8 Buddy King”. If you have not seen it, you should. It’s AWESOME!

  • redboy70

    Not even letting his bottom-bro take his pants off– quelle butch!

  • imeiunovo
  • f
  • aeiou

    the satanic mask above the bed, the beautiful brothers, the unrelenting sodomy… it’s GAY. totally, truly. bitter-sweetly. gay.

  • lovely lady

    Greg say’s to joey in tape 2
    I love you. He should Joey’s great!!!!!

  • Nordof
  • MANS79

    the top clearly has an Australian accent!

  • Venom

    Judging by the beginning, they were watching “Where in Time is Carmen San Diego?” a PBS game show from the 90s.
    Also, this left me with unanswered questions, was Carmen ever caught? Where in Time was Carmen San Diego? Where are the step brothers now? And do they know of their internet infamy?