Is This the Dick of "Kyle XY" Hunk Matt Dallas?

Is This the Dick of "Kyle XY" Hunk Matt Dallas?Fans of cutie Matt Dallas, the star of “Kyle XY,” got a Twitter treat when they received a Twitpic of a hard dick and yummy cum-filled belly. Predictably, Dallas immediately screamed “Hack!” But was it? You be the judge.

Last week, right before he was to release a streaming video (which he apparently does regularly), followers of his Twitter instead got a shot of cock and spooge. It was posted via Twitter for Blackberry, which coincidentally Dallas also uses. Hmmm… suspicious. The tweet was immediately removed sans explanation. Major oopsie. Eventually, Dallas tweeted this:

Is This the Dick of "Kyle XY" Hunk Matt Dallas?

Is This the Dick of "Kyle XY" Hunk Matt Dallas?He’s barely scandalized. He even jokes about it, “ha!” The dude is obviously up on his Anthony Weiner Rulebook of Excuses. Seriously, who is going to hack mid-level star Matt Dallas’ Twitter? Even if someone had, Dallas never denied the dick was his. Our first thought was that Kyle XY of the no-belly button had a hairless stomach, so the photo is obviously not him because the light brown fuzz on the belly. Then we found this photo:

Is This the Dick of "Kyle XY" Hunk Matt Dallas?

That could very well be the same tummy! While there’s no concrete proof, chances are this young TV actor hottie did, in fact, accidentally tweet his just-orgasmed member. No matter what level of star he is, that’s hawt!!!

Darling readers, what do you think? Yay or nay?

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  • Alessar

    He probably has to deny it so he can’t be considered a sexter :P

  • foolin06

    slightly disappointing if it is though. lol

  • hollycumlightly

    Meh. I’d never even heard of the guy, and I don’t think he’s all that attractive, so even if it is, BFD. When, say, Novak Djokovic, accidentally tweets a pic of his cock, then I’ll be interested.

  • Love Parade Is Here To Stay

    Perez Hilton outed this guy as gay a while back. So he probably shot that dick video for a boyfriend.