The Real Life Other Careers (and Firings) of Pornstars

The Real Life Other Careers (and Firings) of PornstarsLearning the other jobs of porn performers is like finding a jock's secret diary and getting a glimpse behind the sexy facade. For instance, hearing that Danny from Sean Cody is now a MMA Fighter whet our whistle, since we know this tight macho real athlete took a guy's dick up his ass. Hopefully, Danny will keep his new job, since the same often does not go well for other porn performers...

The Real Life Other Careers (and Firings) of PornstarsWorld of Men founder Collin O'Neal is a current hot topic for getting sacked from his job as a substitute teacher in the public school system of Miami-Dade County. He was good enough for major media outlet CNN to be a citizen reporter, but not for Florida's public schools. Granted, it would be awkward if a horny 16-year old saw his hot English teacher sucking cock on the nets. Wait—we dreamed of seeing our hottest high school teachers naked in the pages of Playgirl! Anyway, that teenager should not even be looking at porn. Plus, it's highly unlikely Collin spoke about his other life with his students. What children need protection from are over-righteous parents.

The Real Life Other Careers (and Firings) of PornstarsInjustice was served to Bel Ami babe Kris Evans, who got kicked out of the Hungarian police force after someone in his small town learned of his manloving past. Such a shame, since his rippling muscles could protect as much as they served. Of course, with Kris Evans in the uniform (less studly example pictured), horny lads and lasses would be committing crimes left and right just to get a full body pat down. Arrest us, officer!

The Real Life Other Careers (and Firings) of PornstarsIt's fairly normal (although often unwarranted) that governmental agencies get high and mighty about an employee's pornstar past, but Subway? The 7-11 of sandwich making gave much missed hottie Kurt Wild the boot upon learning his gay porn past. Talk about being fucked by a footlong! He got assrammed by men on film; he didn't squirt semen and arsenic into some middle-aged accountant's meatball hero. When the job qualifications don't entail a high school diploma, but do entail placing shredded lettuce atop two anemic slices of ham, we don't think there's much logic in judging someone for making love to the same sex for porn.

The Real Life Other Careers (and Firings) of PornstarsFlorida loves firing its gay pornstars. So do police forces. Mike Verdugo was that studly cop who got ousted from the Hollywood, Florida police force for doing one lousy gay bondage video 14 years earlier. Thankfully, an arbitration panel ruled Mike could retain his police officer certification. You'd think they'd be happy to have someone on the force with previous experience in handcuffs and detainment.

The Real Life Other Careers (and Firings) of PornstarsFinally, there's our beloved University of Nebraska wrestlers Kenny Jordan and Paul Donahoe, who were kicked off the team after their films surfaced from ESPN even released a documentary about the scandal. Whatever these boys are doing now, we pray it involves gay sex and wrestling.

We also pray that Danny of Sean Cody and his knock-out MMA fighting career doesn't find itself flat on the mat for the same reasons. Pornstars give a lot of people the most personal of happiness, fulfilling dreams and passions the common man may not be able to find in everyday life. They do not need to live in shame and fear of losing their future jobs for the rest of their days just because the gift they offered was sex on film.

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