Roman Gladiators Beat Each Other Up, Then Fuck

July 25, 2011 | Posted in gay by cedric-dewittison

Roman Gladiators Beat Each Other Up, Then Fuck Imagine one of the bloody brawls on "Spartacus" or "300" ending up with the worked out and worked up gladiators having a long hot fuck session. That's the brutally beautiful fantasy created when Francesco D'Macho and newbie Eliad Anastos drop their tunics and raise their spears.

The new scene on starts off with a visually arresting battle of the brawn as two roman stud-puppies beat each other to a bruised up pulp. If blood makes you squirm like a schoolgirl, you're in for a few shocks. Most gruesomely, Eliad socks Francesco in the the kisser. Without missing a beat, Francesco spits the bloody result right back into Eliad face. S&M gladiators don't believe in wussy shit like a "safe word."

The hot scene feels like it was cut from any recent Ancient Roman action flick, including the ornate costumes, believable gore, sepia-toned cinematography, right down to the sound effects of galloping horses and barking dogs. The fantasy is so completely realized, it would stir long dormant sexual urges in a eunuch. The Oracle has blessed the dudes at Stag Homme—who consistently turn some of our wildest fantasies into some of the hottest porn in the biz.

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