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Visconti Triplets are Now Sexing Up Twins

Jul 11, 2011 | Posted by Cedric DeWittison

Visconti Triplets are Now Sexing Up TwinsA video of twins fucking? Yawwwwn. Come on, pornographers, step it up! Do something wild like having two sets of twins screw each other. What? Not good enough? Then how about the Visconti Triplets getting pounded by twins. Now we're talking!

The new film "Triplets vs. Twins" sounds more dramatic that it probably is, considering these very staid photos of this gay porn milestone. Yes, this is a momentous moment in porn—up there with the first time Ryan Idol went down on a guy in "Idol Thoughts," or when Cody Cummings touched another man's dick. With the symmetrical staging, as if the men are fucking against a kaleidoscopic mirror, there's a lack a sexual spontaneity. Or is it that we're desensitized to identical siblings having sex? Perhaps, since although twins or triplets have shared the same man in a scene, none have yet to beat the The Peters Twins by having sex with each other.

An orgy with triplets and twins sounds hot in theory, but if the brothers don't touch each other, it all feels a little blase. Take a tip from the Peters Twins, boys. If you want to grab our unbridled passion, lend a bro a hand.

Visconti Triplets are Now Sexing Up Twins
Visconti Triplets are Now Sexing Up Twins
Visconti Triplets are Now Sexing Up Twins

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