This Is the Hottest Fuck We've Seen All Summer

May 26, 2011 | Posted in gay by brian-o-brien

Sure Memorial Day, which signifies the start of the summer season is on Monday, but this is already the best video of the season. Step right up and let it get you all steamy!

Just watch this top lay into his bottom with reckless abandoned. Not only is he an olive-skinned hottie who is tight in all the right places and big where it counts, but he really knows how to do his job. That bottom just can't get enough of him. The only thing that sucks is we can see a third guy working the camera, but he never jumps into the frame. It's like a three-way tease. We we think about summer, we think about group sex, but until we're out cruising Fire Island, we'll have to settle for this.

Bang Ba Bang Bang Bang (

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