Porn's Newest Fantasy: The TSA Strip Search

Porn's Newest Fantasy: The TSA Strip SearchLike the 80s Pizza Delivery Boy, the latest porn zeitgeist could very well become the eroticism of the TSA body search. Let's look at why this set-up deserves to stick around.

Jet Set Men recently released "TSA Stripdown," a series of scenes where TSA agents are only doing their government assigned jobs of looking for "weapons," which naturally can only be hidden near the naughty parts. With see-through full body scanning and body pat downs, the scenarios are ripe with accidental sexual situations, the sort that, if filmed correctly, could be rife with sexual tension as body searches shift to sex.

Porn's Newest Fantasy: The TSA Strip SearchThe wisp of plot has Cliff Jensen being interrogated about a series of sexual violations from TSA officials. You know, when a routine body scan somehow ends up in sweaty butt sex next to the metal detector. That sort of harassment simply isn't allowed, you see, and the TSA needs a full report in graphic detail, or course. Each scene unfolds with this sort of dirty, illegal scandal happening under governmental watch on the taxpayer's dime. Someone has to pay.

Porn's Newest Fantasy: The TSA Strip SearchThe guys—uniformly dark-haired—are they type we'd want to be strip-searched by, or do some body scanning ourselves to. Of course, they're the type that never will be found manning the TSA booths, just as we've never seen a delivery boy who looks like the guys in Williams Higgins' classic "The Pizza Boy, He Delivers." In fact, ol' Master Higgins created a similar series in his Czech homebase called "Airport Security"—which is a little better series because Higgy's fantastic at building sexual tension. Also, the the airports in "TSA Stripdown" are the emptiest on the planet. Not a single hurried traveler stumbles upon these dudes. Thank goodness surveillance has improved more than porn logic.

Still, "TSA Stripdown" will create an all new fantasy that'll lessen the annoyance of air travel, making us be more willing to be patted down by an officer, if only they could look like these boys.

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