Your Shirtless Celebrity Roundup Hits the Beach

April 28, 2011 | Posted in gay by cedric-dewittison

Your Shirtless Celebrity Roundup Hits the BeachThe weather's warming up, and Hollywood's Hunks are stripping down to catch some sun and ride the waves. Surf's up as we coast through some classic hotties to fresh celeb meat. Too bad they're only shirtless; we'd love to see which of these boys hangs 10.

The whole teen girl clawing their eyes out over the Jonas Brothers craze seems to have faded out like the end of a pop song. Still,Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas popped up shirtless at a beach recently, sending the trusty paparazzi into a camera snapping feeding frenzy. Who's scarier, the photogs or the sharks?

Your Shirtless Celebrity Roundup Hits the BeachHayden Christiansen's also been out of the spotlight for a while, and out of the sunlight, tanning bed and gym. While some folks bemoan stars who don't always look like they live and breathe to pump iron. We don't mind pudgy Hayden. It makes him more like a regular guy we can more easily shag.
Your Shirtless Celebrity Roundup Hits the Beach"The Borgias" is one of these new "must-see" cable shows. Although scandalous Euro-history intrigues us, we'll skip the show and wait for more stills of one the show's Renaissance twinks, Lucas Pasqualino, here in a still from the series.
Your Shirtless Celebrity Roundup Hits the BeachFor some reason, Robert Pattinson is taking a break from making a million teen girls dream of carrying his vampire baby to instead walk on a sandy shore at night in a wetsuit. By the looks of the rather frumpily dressed folks around him, this is a film set rather than a late night beach party.
Your Shirtless Celebrity Roundup Hits the BeachZak Bagans found himself a gig as a paranormal researcher on a Travel Channel show called "Ghost Adventures." You know, he creeps in houses in front of a night vision camera to find spirits from beyond. While we're too chicken to ever set foot in a real haunted house, if we can feel up this hunky ghostbuster, we're first inside the darkroom.
Your Shirtless Celebrity Roundup Hits the BeachFinally, Tom Cruise. He's on the set of "MI:4." While we want to be charitable, maybe Scientology should consider a "No Shirts, No Service" rule.

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