Reichen Lehmkuhl Jacks Off for All the World to See

Reichen Lehmkuhl Jacks Off for All the World to SeeIs this the erect penis of “Amazing Race” and “A-List” D-lister Reichen Lehmkuhl? The girl’s stooped to cheap fame with every breath she takes, but would she actually do live cam sex shows on (A second pic after jump.)

We think yes she would and this is her. A tipster pointed us off that someone who looks suspiciously like the creator of the cheapest looking jewelry line since the Ring Pop may be baring his Popsicle stick for all the world. is a website where you can watch free amateur webcam sex. See Reichen’s suspected profile for yourself here.

Yes, the face is cut off, so one can’t be certain, but many elements are exactly the same: chin, lips, far nipple placement, muscle tone, skin tone, concave space between the pecs, light treasure trail. Seeing these snapshots, we can practically hear her screeching voice singing “Up to the Sky.” The most damning evidence that it’s Reichen is that commentors call out her name. In her profile, she lists herself as “bisexual.” Who’s she trying to fool? The world’s oldest bloodhound after a weekend coke binge wouldn’t be thrown off that scent.

It could possibly indeed really honestly truly potentially be someone else. And we’re the Queen of England.

UPDATED: Reichen, after seeing our post, has admitted, it’s him. Shocker! We love this statement from the internet “reader” who chatted with Lehmkukla-Fran-and-Olllie about it.

READER · 6:33pm
well who cares. If i looked that good, I’d be happy to show everyone

REICHEN· 6:34pm
you’re helping me feel better. I guess. It looks that good?

Classy, Reichen. Screw reputation; it’s ultimately about desperate, needy validation before all else.

Reichen Lehmkuhl Jacks Off for All the World to See
Reichen Lehmkuhl Jacks Off for All the World to See

· Reichen Lehmkuhl’s alleged full frontal nude profile on Cam4 (

  • GayhawkAZ

    I like it. :D

    I am not so much in like with the new layout, though. Even the traditional one doesn’t look like the old one. :((

  • Love Parade Is Here To Stay

    That is definitely NOT Reichen Leimkuhl’s body. The most obvious difference is that his pectoral muscles are completely different from this guy. Also the jaw line is different.

    I’m actually astonished that you would go out on a limb and claim this.

    (One other hint: there were a lot of jokes on the gay reality show the A List about Reichen having a small penis. That penis is not small by any measure.

  • Anonymous

    I withstood probably a good 25 seconds of that show before I changed the channel–and like everybody else, I never went back. Yetch. And now I find out I’ve jacked with Reichen. If I remembered what it was like to feel dirty…

  • Jack F

    He doesn’t seem very bright.