We Like Our Dick with a Side of Abs

March 31, 2011 | Posted in gay by brian-o-brien

We Like Our Dick with a Side of Abs We like fries with our hamburger and potatoes with our meat, so what do we want alongside of a big heaping portion of dick? Abs of course! They're not nearly as filling, but boy are they fun to look at!

Just look at Member11282010 here. What he lacks in creative naming, he makes up for in having one serious body. The dick is sizable, the pecs are nice, and what little we see of the face is appealing, but, man, those abs! Guys can be fit and have flat stomachs, which is sexy (so, sometimes, is a belly) but to really get abs it takes hard work and a bit of a genetic gift. They are truly the rarest of finds, but when we stumble upon a pair of delicious cum gutters like these, we want to feast on them for days. Now pass the fries—we've given up on having abs a long time ago.

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