Hot Male Models Resort to Cheap Sex, Too

March 31, 2011 | Posted in gay by cedric-dewittison

Gregg Homme Underwear wants us to believe the most gorgeous men resort to cheap websex and stoop to anonymous parking lot hook-ups. Right! That sounds like our sex life. Still, we'll believe anything when a naked stud shows his bulge.

The first video shows a tuxedoed GQ cover model drinking alone in bar playing wallflower.
Don't give us some bull about how he's so hot everybody's intimidated to talk to him. He moseys on home to try to Manhunt his way to a blowjob. His slow strip is pretty hot, but his suspiciously male chat partner says, "Really?" Um.... what a biatch copping 'tude to so hot a stud. The fucker at the other end of the webcam most likely spontaneously ejaculated. Regardless, the bar pick up seems near death. Even yesterday's rough trade can only get some nookie via the interwebs.

The following two videos, titled "Provoke," put "us" in a second person cinematic narrative as "we" 1) chase down a beekcake in a deserted underground parking lot to blow him, and 2) get hunted by a dude wearing a red ring 'round his cock, who jumps in the back of our car like a crazed serial killer stalker. Worse the video gives "us" a heavy pant like a dog in the desert heat. It's an update of the old fantasy of a hot robber breaking into our home and raping the willing. Honestly, if the package were as bouncy as the one in "Provoke 2," then yes, we would dare.

Hot Businessman Can't Get Laid, Resorts to Mediocre Cybersex (

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