Hard Dick and Divas Make This the Gayest Video Ever

March 30, 2011 | Posted in gay by cedric-dewittison

Hard Dick and Divas Make This the Gayest Video Ever The surefire way to keep our interest in yet another amateur music video are brief glimpses of hard peen and man on man fucking. Toss in golden age divas and you've got the Gayest Music Video ever made.

Yes, we mean ever. This bizarro ode to Faye Dunaway is tailor made to push gay buttons across every generation. There's modern dance beats, Judy Garland, clips of the nascent gay rights movement, Ann Margaret, Faye Dunaway, Bette Davis and, of course, vintage gay porn and lots of cock. How did the filmmaker tap right into our nightly dream index?

The song is by Casey Spooner, an openly gay Williamsburg musician whom you'll probably love...if you're a hipster dressed in mismatched rags who gets a hard on for deadpan irony. He's written this extremely fey Faye song, and some folks have repacked it into the type of frenzied video projected on the walls of basement dance dens. You know, the videos you're hypnotized by while drunk and high on E while swaying listlessly to the remnants of whatever beat your ears can process at 4am. Yet, we're sober right now (shocking even to us) and still we're mesmerized. Yay for gay!

Since for whatever hair-pulling reason the video can't be properly embedded, see it directly on Vimeo.com by clicking here.

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