A Master Class In Directing Sweaty, Throbbing Mansex

Meet Brian Mills. As a porn director at Titan Media, he must make actors feel comfy and warm fucking and sucking on camera under glaring lighting for the masturbatory fantasies of millions of watchful eyes. Here's how he does it.

Part 2 of "X-Star Story: The American Adventure of Philippe Ferro" goes further into the real life journey of Frenchie Philippe, who won a contest to be a Titan Media star in Thrill Ride, as he flies to San Fran to film his first porn scene. Sure, Philippe's joking about not being able to eat the catered lunch (which looks like cottage cheese and lettuce) before his scene is adorable. However, the real star of this episode is director Brian Mills, who shares several wonderful nuggets. He shares the charms of working with first timers, showing excitement at capturing on camera a first timer's real reaction at getting peed on. He shares how directors deal with scene partners losing sexual interest in each other. Super cool is him light-heartedly telling his naked threesome how to have sex for the camera.

Brian's good spirits, utter professionalism and cute boyish face bust our old notions that porn directors are skeezy, obese old men leering at their actors.

As a bonus, we get a visit to Titan Media's costume shop! There are even clearly marked drawers such as "bandanas," "dress ties," "leashes and collars." We're loving this behind the scenes, and finally meeting creators of porn unafraid to step out from behind the camera.

· "X-Star Story: The American Adventure of Philippe Ferro 2/4" (titanman.com)

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