The Timeless Homoerotic Legacy Of Wrestling

February 11, 2011 | Posted in gay by cedric-dewittison

The Timeless Homoerotic Legacy Of WrestlingSince the age of the Greeks to the age of the Gleeks, wrestling has endured as the hottest of homoeroticism. Two presumably straight muscle men grappling each other. Classic. But what's the modern position on the sport as all-male erotica?

It hasn't much changed over the centuries, although today it seems less of a stereotype than it once was. In the 50s and 60s, homoerotic wrestling was popularly equated with the older gay male who conned younger twinks to "perform" for him and his friends, as in Bob Mizer's famous films with AMG. Now, it's niche fetish, but as smoking as the days of Alexander the Great. is the only site (we know of) devoted exclusively to wrestling. Filmed in a gymnasium in Hell, the guys toss themselves into the sport with manly abandon, working themselves into such a sweat that the fucking is inevitable. This may be today's premium wresting site.

The Timeless Homoerotic Legacy Of WrestlingThe 3D pioneers at Dominic Ford decided their opening number for Sports Month would be wrestling. If you wanna get gay guys into sports, it's all about men wearing skintight singlets grappling each other in simulated sex. Dominic gets this; but of course the sex ain't simulated, but stimulated.

The Timeless Homoerotic Legacy Of WrestlingOne of our favorite modern day champions of homo-wrestling was Chris Geary. His largely neglected site boasts lots of hot wrestling shots. Pity he rarely updates.

Then, there's this sexxxy video from the Dieux Du Stade 2011 DVD of Benoit Bouzekri and Julien Gras grappling fully nude. timeless as the season. As enduring as Winter 2011.

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