Amateur Porn’s Hippest Director’s New Films Are Twice as Hot, Twice as Cool

The newest bona fide gay sensation The Black Spark has two new dispatches up on XTube. They still hold some of his trademarks, but they’re not at all like his previous work. They may be even better.

From the beginning The Black Spark’s videos have been mostly dark and lit with LED lights in a style that was like the horniest rave party of all time. He put up two new movies yesterday and both are quite different. They are bathed in the light of an early morning—the sober kind when you wake up with a lover, not the messy kind when you’ve been up all night having an orgy. The latest is called “Dance In My Heart Now,” and it introduces us to Seven Spark, a slightly dorky (in a hot way) super hero whose super power is dance. His power also seems to be getting two loads right in the mouth before shooting all over himself. While it might be less gloomy that other pictures, it’s still as well-shot, original, and boner-popping as anything the Spark has put out to date.

The other movie is “Sunday Faith.” Unlike every other porn movie in the whole world, it starts out with the cumshot and then fills in the rest. It’s a story of two boys who are in love and spending time in bed together. They’re so faithful that when they’re apart, they even beat off on webcam together. Ah, love in the modern age. We kid, but the thing really is sweet, and seems to be a Valentine to someone named “Michael.” Whoever he is, he’s one lucky gentleman.

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·Sunday Faith (

  • GayhawkAZ

    Oh my gosh…SevenSpark is GORGEOUS! :) Why couldn’t the geeky glasses guys of my high school and college years look like that? And he can dance, too. (Loved the music, I need to find that song!) Dance In My Heart Now was so very, very nice to watch. :D

    Sunday Faith — wow, could that be more romantic in a BlackSpark way? In fact, seems as though we see his face several times when the camera is lingering on him — never quite enough, but maybe this is his way of slowing “coming out”…but if he never does, that’s okay. Michael is very lucky — as is BlackSpark. :)

    BTW, BlackSpark accepted my friend request on Facebook and even replied to me personally when I complimented him on his videos. He’s aware that Fleshbot’s been following him and he is really pleased that we like the videos so much. He seems like a real sweetheart. :) He also occasionally asks for ideas or tells folks what sort of guys he’s looking for in his videos. What a guy! :)

  • NewYearBabyDaddy

    Look, some Lady Gaga queens bought a video camera. On a completely unrelated note, my boner just died. Oh no, wait.. I mean “completely related.”

  • Anonymous

    He said today in Out Magazine that he doesn’t think that what he’s doing is porn because he doesn’t feel an emotional connection to porn.

    Gloria Leonard said it was the lighting.

    It certainly seems a labor of love, for sure. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

  • foolin06

    dear seven spark; you are the most perfect boyfriend. please? :) :P