Your Shirtless Celebrity Round-Up Is Out Of Control!

November 18, 2010 | Posted in gay by calamitous

Your Shirtless Celebrity Round-Up Is Out Of Control!Matthew Morrison is king of the beach! Robert Pattinson is um…well, not so much. Stephen Dorff is sophisticated and sexy while Adam Lambert is, as usual, Adam Lambert. All this sexiness and more in your Shirtless Celebrity Roundup!

Matthew Morrison revealed his perfect, sun-kissed physique in the pages of Details Magazine's December issue. It's not like we've never seen the guy shirtless before, but we're still surprised every time we see the cute-as-a-button actor reveal his He-Man torso. How do we reconcile Mr. Schue's geeky charm with the fact that he clearly works out, like, 6 hours a day?

Your Shirtless Celebrity Round-Up Is Out Of Control!Robert Pattinson was looking a little less "beach god" and a little more "wet noodle" this past week on the set of "Twilight: Breaking Dawn." Poor guy. The body looks great, but he is clearly not having a good time. We never thought that vampires would be very good swimmers but it looks like sultry, bad boy Hollywood actors are even worse.

Your Shirtless Celebrity Round-Up Is Out Of Control!We don't know what's going on with the AC on this VMan cover shoot, but actor Stephen Dorff must be feeling mighty uncomfortable if his shoulders are so cold that he needs a heavy pea coat and his abs are so hot that he needs to take his shirt off. Then again, those abs are really hot. We can only imagine what he must be going through.

Your Shirtless Celebrity Round-Up Is Out Of Control!Adam Lambert goes shirtless on the cover of his new album but, disappointingly, we only get to see the flamboyant pop star from the shoulders up. So this being Adam Lambert, it's entirely possible that he's not shirtless but simply wearing a beautiful shoulder-baring blouse. You never know with this kid.

Actor Pooch Hall, who stars Derwin on BET's hit show, "The Game," went shirtless for Kontrol Magazine this week. How have we never heard of this gorgeous man before? He is basically physically perfect and his name is Pooch, for goodness sake. That's not exactly a name that fades into the background. This guy needs to be on the cover of, like, every magazine.

Your Shirtless Celebrity Round-Up Is Out Of Control!Tuesday brought the series premiere of "Glory Daze," a TBS comedy starring Matt Bush, Hartley Sawyer, Kelly Blatz and Drew Seeley as college guys who like to strip down to their underwear and stand around looking stunned and/or horrified. It's also set in the 80s—which are so "in" right now. We smell an Emmy!

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