Jeff Stryker: Our Favorite Scenes On Demand!

November 12, 2010 | Posted in gay by calamitous

Jeff Stryker: Our Favorite Scenes On Demand!It's out with the new and in with the old! Check out some of our favorite vintage On Demand scenes with the legendary Jeff Stryker—a man whose gorgeous face was only outshone by his behemoth of a cock.

Jeff Stryker: Our Favorite Scenes On Demand!Jeff Stryker's Underground: Fun fact—the fourth scene of this DVD won the 1998 AVN award for Best Sex Scene. Now, we don't necessarily put a lot of stock into pornographic awards and the great wisdom of their judging panels, but this, for once, is a well-deserved victory. Stryker's scene with Derek Cameron defies basic laws of physics and anatomy as Cameron deep throats every last inch of Stryker's massive tool. We hope the speech Derek Cameron gave was long and self-indulgent. He certainly earned it after that.

Jeff Stryker: Our Favorite Scenes On Demand!The Switch Is On: Long before gay-for-pay was a dirty word, Stryker was on the scene giving a big "fuck you" to the strict separation between gay and straight porn. Stryker has a straight porn oeuvre every bit as distinguished as his work in gay porn. The man was a fucking machine! And as this movie proves, it didn't matter what kind of bits you had, Jeff Stryker could (and probably still can) pound the hell out of it.

Jeff Stryker: Our Favorite Scenes On Demand!The Look: This DVD is actually a compilation of the work of three classic gay porn directors—William Higgins, John Travis, and Cameron Leight. Each scene is a study of the sculpted, all-American goodlooks that defined sexiness in 80s porn. Stryker shows up in a crazy threesome with Kevin Wiles and Rick Turner and we discover that when you're watching someone who has "The Look," it's almost impossible to look away.

Jeff Stryker: Our Favorite Scenes On Demand!In Hot Pursuit: This may not be the best overall films of Jeff Stryker's career, but it packs in one hell of a grand finale. Jeff Stryker gets dressed up like a cartoon Native American, defeats a cowboy in battle, and proceeds to make him into his bitch. When he says "suck it, white man" we're never sure if we should laugh or cheer (not that we don't love the white man). Most of the time we just continue masturbating.

Jeff Stryker: Our Favorite Scenes On Demand!Powertool: If Jeff Stryker is a master of the art of gay porn stardom, then this DVD is truly his masterpiece. Winner of the 1987 AVN for both Best Video of the Year and Best Director, watching "Powertool" is like stepping through a portal and into a magical world where the gay sex is always raunchy, the dicks are always huge, and cum flows by the bucket. Oh, how we wish we could stay in this magical place forever. Too bad everyone has such awful hair.

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