This, Ladies and Gentlemen, Is a Runner's Build

Why do swimmers always get all the credit for having lean the muscle-laden bodies? They're not the only ones whose activities give them a very specific and desirable body type. If you ask us, runners are where it's at.

Just check out Unahamed_Boho here. He says that he's beating himself off after a good run, and he hasn't even bothered to take his kit off before going to town. Just look at his bod. If you were to run your hands on it (and, boy, how we long to) it would be absolutely solid muscle. Yeah, he's not all buff like some body builders, beefy like football players, or bulky like gymnast. No, he is the picture of lean muscle. He may not be large, but there is not scrap of fat on this boy. And he's used to going for long distances so he has something else that's important: stamina. After you see what he does with those sweatpants, you'll be headed for the nearest track yourself.

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