The Moment We’ve Been Waiting For: Watch Alexander Skarsgard Hook Up With A Dude On ‘True Blood’

The Moment We’ve Been Waiting For: Watch Alexander Skarsgard Hook Up With A Dude On 'True Blood'Alan Ball, you dirty old queen! Last night’s episode of True Blood took this season’s homoerotic wish-fulfillment quotient to all new heights. Check out this clip of Skarsgard’s character, Eric Northman kissing and… penetrating the Vampire King of Mississippi’s boyfriend.

Unfortunately for us, the penetration in this scene is less of the classic penis-in-butt variety and more along the lines of [SPOILER ALERT!] wooden-stake-into-withered-unbeating-vampire-heart style. We guess that “True Blood’s” slow transformation from vampire action-drama to full-blown pornography isn’t yet entirely complete. Oh well, it’s not like we can’t masturbate to obvious metaphors. And besides, judging from the look on that poor vamp’s face just before Skarsgard’s character takes him out, we’d say there’s not much of a difference between getting stabbed through the heart and getting fucked by Eric Northman’s massive vampire dong.

  • TrueWords

    Well he should have fucked him first…

  • homolicious.cook

    My boyfriend was watching this with me whilst my sister-in-law and brood showed up randomly. Talked with them outside. I came back in and said, “what’d I miss?” He says, “Nothing.” I rewatch it later and tell him…are you nuts? That is enough for me to climb on your penis right now!

  • Lola del Rio

    that was NUTS!!!

    again!!! i want to see it AGAIN!!!

  • bittebitte

    still waiting for the lafayette/Eric/Jesus threesome…keeping those fingers crossed.

  • euterpe35

    I imagine they filmed *so much more* of this than they aired. How much $$ do you think the entire shoot would go for on the open market?

  • brightsnow

    I would have liked this scene so much better if Eric had killed him right as he climaxed. I’m getting tired of being cheated on the good gay stuff. Like how they cut away right when Jesus and Lafayette were about to get down to business.