When Chris Rockway Bottoms, The Whole Universe Is Happy

May 21, 2010 | Posted in gay by brian-o-brien

When Chris Rockway Bottoms, The Whole Universe Is HappyNo, that is not the sound of Chris Rockway moaning from getting a dick in the ass you hear. It is the creaking joints of a million gay porn fans smiling again. Oh, what a blessed event!

When Chris Rockway Bottoms, The Whole Universe Is HappyIt doesn't happen often, but when Chris Rockway bottoms for Randy Blue, it really is something to watch. He closes off the four-part "Text, Lies, and Video" project by taking it up the ass for new Fleshbot Crush Object Gunner Pierce and asymmetrically delicious Richard Pierce. Rockway is a proven top (as he shows us in part 1 of the series giving it to Nicco Sky) but when it comes to bottoming, well, he doesn't have as much practice. The gay-for-pay star's very vocal performance always totters the line between being in complete ecstasy from doing a forbidden act and being in complete pain and discomfort—a sound which anyone who has ever fantasized about hate fucking a straight guy will love to hear.

When Chris Rockway Bottoms, The Whole Universe Is HappyAs far as the series goes, we loved the serialized Dickens' novel approach to the story, which had us clicking back all week to see how the story of Travis (Rockway) posting dirty videos of the boys he plays with online would play out. There was even a killer cliffhanger at the end of the third episode. While the individual scenes were great and the story fun, it didn't have the wit, whimsy, or production design of Randy Blue's other big events like "That '70s Gay Porn Movie" or instant classic "Alley Cats." In comparison, we're a little disappointed. However on it's own merits, "Text, Lies, and Video" is an awesome time and seeing Rockway take it is something we won't be forgetting soon.

·"Text, Lies, and Video" Part 4 (randyblue.com)

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