These Videos Make You Feel Better about Being a Total Perv

How do they do that? Well, they're full of sexy boys taking all their clothes off, but done in a way that will get the blood flowing to both of your heads. Don't believe us? Take a look.

Our favorite high-brow smut peddler Craig Seymour is back with his very own take on naked boys stripping. The video above is his enhanced documentation of Randy Blue star Brett Swanson shaking his rump at a Chicago nightclub. It's cute and all, but pretty straightforward.

What we like better is the video below of a new, blond model taking his shirt off and toying for the camera. His look is fresh, new, shy, and innocent and she flirts with getting naked. He knows what we want to see and he's going to give it to us, but he's going to make us work for it. It's a bit like the old Andy Warhol videos of Joe D'Allessandro where the camera just lingers on his naked flesh like it's a cat licking up a bowl of cream. Our only critique is the music. Maybe next time we can choose something that's a little more tolerable and less obvious than gay house music? Either way, we feel like we're at an art gallery when we're watching these, which makes us feel not so bad when we pull our dicks out to watch them. Thanks, Craig!

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·The New Kid Takes His Shirt Off (

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