Steven Daigle Is Not a Stripper, He is a Pop Art Masterpiece

At least he is in the hands of videographer Craig Seymour, who turns the reality star turned porn pup's gig at Johnny's in Fort Lauderdale into a Warholesque musing on sex, masculinity, and, of course, lots of naked flesh.

We've featured Seymour's trippy videos before, but this new one is a stroke of genius. Of course Daigle is the hottest thing in the gay porn industry right now, but the creepy black and white and unsaturated color Seymour uses makes the whole enterprise look a little bit lonely. Like it's some lost footage from "Midnight Cowboy" and Daigle is stripping for the camera and shaking his ass to lure us in, to make some sort of connection with him. At the end it's the most powerful, when the camera laps up Daigle's body like a customer that just picked him up on the street. It actually fondles his every curve and crease and just when you're ready to whip that boner out of your pants, it's over. Way to go, Mr. Seymour. Way to go.

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