"Whorrey Potter" Is the Most Important 3D Movie Since "Avatar"

"Whorrey Potter" Is the Most Important 3D Movie Since "Avatar"Online 3D porn studio Dominic Ford has released their first DVD "Whorrey Potter and the Sorcerer's Balls" and it is truly a watershed event. It comes with blue/red glasses, a bunch of jokes, and cheesey backgrounds. But it rules.

"Whorrey Potter" Is the Most Important 3D Movie Since "Avatar"Of course it is a porn send up of the Harry Potter movies (and books) and shows Whorrey, played by Luke Marcum, go off to Cockwarts to pal around with some kids and get involved in some crazy plot to steal the Sorcerer's Balls. The whole thing is filmed in 3D using green screens so the backdrops for the characters are a number of different locations from train stations to castle dungeons. Most of them look pretty bad, like some sort of public access porn project, but we'll take them over some tackily appointed porn set with left over Ikea furniture. The technological advancements do allow for some fun tricks like this "floating threeway" where Marcum, Eddie Diaz and Cameron Adams look like they're having sex in midair.

"Whorrey Potter" Is the Most Important 3D Movie Since "Avatar"The 3D works really well if you're wearing the glasses, but the coloration on the scenes is a bit strange. If that gets too annoying, you can switch to the 2D disc that has all the same tricks, but the boys don't pop out of the screen. The plot of the movie is quite entertaining as well. New York drag queen Mimi Imfirst plays Fag Hagrid and cracks some clever lines. Now, you know we love a plot, and our only complaint is that there may actually be too much of it. It takes nearly 20 minutes of exposition before we get to some fucking!

But when we do, it's good stuff. Robert Van Damme and Matthew Rush round out the cast with some big daddy meat to balance off the twinky wizards. All the parlor tricks don't work fully yet, but with a little bit of work and practice, we have a feeling that the Dominic Ford crew is going to find the right balance between plot and action as well as new fangled technology and old fashioned fucking.

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