Michael Lucas Is Passing the Torch to Rafael Alencar

Michael Lucas hasn't been appearing in the movies made by the company that bares his name as often, and if he chooses he can now quit them altogether, because he found the next face of Lucas: Rafael Alencar.

Remember when Woody Allen got too old to keep playing the "Woody Allen role" in all his movies and he had to enlist people like Kenneth Branaugh and Jason Biggs to play the part for him? That is just what Michael Lucas did with the company's newest movie "Rafael in Paris." Lucas appears in the movie only in between the action, where he and Alencar walk through the French city picking up guys. However, the only one we see get naked is Rafael. In his two scenes—one a killer threeway with Miguel De Palma and Marco Di Lucca, and the other a sizzler with Lucas stud Jonathan Agassi. And we have to say, Alencar reminds us so much of Michael Lucas. He's forceful, always on top, handsome, big-dicked, accented, chatty, and just a little bit kinky. We already fell in love with him when he did an interview with us, and now we hope that he's going to be Lucas' new go-to man. No one encapsulates the dirty New York-meets-international vibe of the company better than Alencar.

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