How Did We Miss Marco Blaze And Levi Poulter's Sweet, Sinful Sex Tape?

Click to viewAn eagle-eyed reader sent us this clip of Fleshbot Crush Object Marco Blaze and A&F model-turned-pornstar Levi Poulter. Well, if their raunchy romp in a seedy hotel room isn't enough to make you bust a load, then nothing is!

This scene is for Poulter's members-only site, and it's more like a really professional version of an XTube sex clip than a porn movie. The camera is clearly on a tripod and we see the bodies in action rather than close up of all the poles in the holes. When the bodies are as hot as these, that is A-OK with us. The whole thing feels like a real sexual encounter, they use poppers, they joke with each other, and Blaze even blows his load in a condom in Poulter's ass. Pornstars, they're just like us! Actually, Marco is frequent visitor on Levi's site, and now Levi is working for Men at Play a porn company that, like Marco, is based in London. And last we heard, Levi had a boyfriend. Wait, could it be Marco?!

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