The Reckless Naked Play Of Straight Boys With Lighters

July 17, 2009 | Posted in gay by cedric-dewittison

The fantasy of het boys dabbling in 'mosex persists because, well, they get oddly off doing raunchy things nekkid. Take these examples, one about lighting farts on "The Real World," the other a particularly scary Kiwi frat boy flame game.

These examples further point out the prisspot insecurities of American men getting nude together.

In this first video, from "The Real World Cancun," CJ bares his beautiful bubble butt in an attempt to light his rather moist flatulence. Despite all his long-locked bravado, CJ's like a insecure wee widdle girl, carefully keeping himself covered so none see his wee widdle willy. Wuss!

Also, the other three guys are total douchebags, especially Mr. Word for Word T-shirt and the oversized hat. Once the butt gets bared, the other three boys back away because, like, you know, even a quick glance at male ass makes you, like, totally gay, dude. And they're, like, totally not, yo.

Real men shot the second video, an entrant into last year's World Nude Day from New Zealand. These dudes get full blown naked in front of their pals. Bravo, boys! Lighting farts is lame and tame to these blokes. In a harrowing drinking game, they light their pubes instead! With no qualms sticking their hands in their pals' crotch, they light up some burning bushes before which Moses would have knelt down to pray. After this week's earlier jaunt into New Zealand nudity, our next gaycation's gonna be to the little isle down unda.

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