Marcus Allen Sentenced To Life Of Soap Dropping

Allen will no longer get paid to be someone's bitch. He'll do it for free. In a swift Denver trial on Tuesday, the ex-Studio 2000 exclusive was found guilty of premeditated murder of his boss and fuckbuddy, J.P. Kelso.

Timothy Boham (Allen's real name), 28, shot Kelso in the head, left the body and repeatedly returned to the scene to wipe away evidence. Me thinks it took more than a cum rag. Boham then power-sawed open a safe with $400,000, mouthed off about it to his mum and sis, then scurried off to Mexico, where customs nabbed him at the border. Wah, wah, wah…

Mercifully, he's even photogenic in this hot mug shot. Too bad he's a murderer.

With no possibility of parole, we won't be seeing Boham's big comeback to porn. With his boy next door looks, however, we suspect Bubba in Cellblock C will put him to good use.

·Former Gay-Porn Actor Guilty of Denver Murder (

Top photo stolen from our friends at Unzipped

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