Christian College Fucks Randy Blue Star, And Not Up The Ass

Christian College Fucks Randy Blue Star, And Not Up The AssVincent DeSalvo has been put on indefinite suspension from Grove City College since it was discovered that he was a porn performer. Ironically, he was doing porn to pay for school!

Christian College Fucks Randy Blue Star, And Not Up The AssThis seems to be a recurring theme: it seems like every week, we see more young guys get involved in the adult business for the money and landing in trouble. Interestingly, DeSalvo’s secret was discovered after a fellow student saw his videos online. We wonder how that Christian soldier explained why he was looking at them in the first place!

After discovering his occupation, the school’s administration told the Philly native and microbiology major that he had to leave campus completely and would not be able to return for at least a year—and not until he had proven that he was no longer making blue movies. DeSalvo has repeatedly appealed the decision and hired a lawyer. The school’s policy is that “Premarital sex, heterosexual or homosexual, or any other such conduct that violates historical Christian standards is subject to disciplinary action.”

We just can’t understand why the self-identified bisexual would want to stay at a school that not only has a policy against sex, but also has students and staff who’ve been verbally and physically assaulting DeSalvo since the big reveal. As with the disgraced gay porn wrestler, we’re sure any number of good schools would take DeSalvo’s cum-stained porn dollars and give him a diploma. We would offer to school him ourselves, but we have a feeling he has already knows everything we want to teach him.

· GCC Student Suspended for Off-Campus Participation in Online Gay Porn (

  • Anonymous

    On one hand, it is stupid to try and fight to stay at a place that hates you . . . but then again, you could have used the same argument against desegregation back in the 50′s. Progress has to made somewhere, and if Vincent wants to make it here and now, well, then go for it, my Christian fella!

    I have a friend who is very into a sort of progressive Christianity (which has in turn enthused me about it), and I think guys like him are challenging religion in the best way- making us ask questions like whether sex work is- or how it can be- compatible with faith, why he is being singled out (are we not all sinners in God’s eyes?), how homophobia plays into this decision, and about the efficacy of shunning and alienating those who are most in need of support and guidance (well, in their eyes, anyways). Jesus hung out with prostitutes . . . that’s all I’m sayin’.

    I wish him luck, but doubt he’ll make much headway against the idiots.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think it is about equality or fighting discrimination. I think its about him trying to graduate on time and with the same school he started out with. Basically, the school is placing him on track to expulsion. The school is going through the motions to make sure they are in the ‘clear’ on this issue.

    He is already half way in hi s major, if he was to get kicked out then he would have to start essentially from scratch again.

    It is a shame, really, you pay tuition and pass your classes and it boils down to conduct. This is life in a private four year college.

    Sometimes it is best to do research of the schools culture before attending. A lot of times, admitted students don’t bother to check this out and end up regretting it later as they hate their college experience.

    Most students don’t get into colleges of choice and end up going to Colleges like this.

    You really cannot win a lawsuit against a private institution regarding it’s policies on behavior. Many have tried and failed.

    He could do a civil lawsuit against them and try to regain the tuition spent on the classes that will not transfer out to other schools. But that is about it.

    I wish him the best.

  • Anonymous

    On the other hand, nobody is forcing him to be a student there. He knew the rules when he signed up. If he doesn’t like them, he should go to a school that keeps its nose out of students’ private lives. I daresay most other schools would give a better education than Grove City College or whatever it’s called.

  • Anonymous

    He probably wouldn’t let the dean blow him when he was called to the office so they gave him the boot. Hey, I’d have blown him, and a grant would have magically appeared for him! :)

  • Anonymous

    Bummer…nuff said.

  • stevecruzxxx

    I smell a law suit! what does what a student does for work have to do with his education? what were his grades like? if the kid is smart he’ll turn this into an opportunity and school can pay for itself.

  • stevecruzxxx

    I just read he left voluntarily… he should have stayed and fought it…

  • Anonymous

    It’s really a shame, I live in Pittsburgh and know him. He’s a really sweet guy and it just sucks that this has to happen to him just weeks before graduation, especially that he’s a senior.