Look, Ma, No Hands!

March 3, 2009 | Posted in gay by brian-o-brien

Of all the crazy things that we see on internet porn sites all the time, the most puzzling is still the "hands-free cum." How do these masturbatory Kreskins do it?

Well, it seems like French_Sub has some help, but it's not from his hands. Sure, he might have been priming the pump for hours before he turned the video camera on, but when it comes time for the big finish, his fingers are busy working his hole and his balls and are nowhere near his beefy dick. Oh, and those clothespins are probably helping him get there, and most likely so does the thrill of the world watching him shoot a river of jizz all over his chest. What's this jerk-off magician going to do next, pull a rabbit out of his ass?

. . .

· A Hands-Free Huge Cum, Pegs on Tits (xtube.com)

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