Wolf Hudson Cozies Up To The Internet, Vaginas

February 26, 2009 | Posted in gay by brian-o-brien

While our favorite teabagging porn star said a while back he was leaving gay films for good to focus on straight porn, he's now back in the fold with an internet-exclusive contract.

That's right, Wolf Hudson joins Jesse Santana as an exclusive model for CockyBoys.com. Wolf will make gay films only for the website, but will still have the freedom to explore the straight side of the business. He's already engaged to make some hetero scenes for Kink.com (and he certainly impressed us with his pussy pounding skills in "Shifting Gears").

While we are glad we get to see Mr. Hudson one way or the other, we find it interesting that another high profile performer has hitched his trailer to a website rather than a studio, which seems to be the wave of the future. Also, in this future, sexual orientation won't matter and hot people will just fuck whoever they want and we will all have robot maids who bring us condoms, lube, and poppers whenever they are needed. God, we can't wait for the future!

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