Reese Rideout Wants You To Join His Army Of Goofiness

At first we thought the Reese Rideout viral video madness was like syphillis, but it's starting to grow on us—which would make it more of a fungus. Anyway, the latest is funny!

It's only like 30 seconds long, so just go and watch it, damn it, it's worth a little chuckle. And the Randy Blue regular is in his briefs. Chuckles and porn stars in their underwear—sign us up! The video is called "Reverse Zoolander," and it's not what you think. We kind of wish it was him, Chris Rockaway, and Leo Giamani spraying each other with gasoline (in their skivvies) but alas, maybe the next one.

The kicker is that at the end of the video, Reese wants us to subscribe to his House of YouTube Madness. That means he's planning more. Our favorite videos of Mr. Rideout will always be the one where he's taking a dick up his ass, but we're starting to enjoy his creative and admittedly funny movies. So we're begrudingly smiling...and yes, we subscribed.

·Reverse Zoolander ( via Queer Me Now)

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