Johnny Hazzard Knows the Way to a Man’s Heart

Johnny Hazzard Knows the Way to a Man's HeartWhile Reese Rideout likes to post random, goofy dispatches on YouTube, pornstar Johnny Hazzard is hoping to win over the hearts (and loins) of gay men everywhere one stomach at a time.

That’s right, the Unzipped blog premiered their first cooking segment starring none other than Chi Chi LaRue’s main man. See, Reese, Johnny isn’t afraid to be servicey and show us something other than his ass in a thong doing the hula hoop (though he does find several meaningless excuses to show off that perfect tuckas). His first culinary adventure is making Fichi Secchi, a simple dried fig snack. He says they are great to bring to parties, but we’re sure none of his porno buddies are popping these decadent treats at their West Hollywood soirees. They’re sticking to protein shakes, vodka tonics, and, you know, cock. We have a suggestion for your next demonstration. How about pork buns, or is that too appropriate?

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  • Anonymous

    Acctually Reese aside that has already been done on by Pete for almost a year now….

  • GayhawkAZ

    He’s a natural! A little promoting of Trader Joe’s, shirtless in an apron, really like the next-door neighbor who wants to share a cool recipe with us. (Plus I have always loved his voice…just something about it that makes my thighs loosen as I watch him…)

    More Johnny cooking segments, I say! MORE!

  • GiantCock1

    I wish we had a Trader Joe’s in Austin..