Real College Wrestling Jocks @ (No, Really!)

Real College Wrestling Jocks @ (No, Really!)Demonstrating once again the old Sanskrit proverb “A diamond is a diamond, but porn is forever,” a University of Nebraska news blog reports that two of the Huskers’ wrestling stars have made decidedly non-wrestling star turns on It turns out that “Nash” and “Cal”, whose videos and photosets appeared at Fratmen over the past few weeks, really are hot college jocks after all!

Or were, anyway: while the news serves to restore our faith in the promo copy on certain websites (even if Fratmen did describe the pair as “college jocks from New England” instead of the Midwest), things don’t look too rosy for the jocks in question. The university, its athletics department, and the NCAA are all reportedly investigating the issue, so professional repercussions for the pair are likely to be serious*—even though they only appeared in vanilla-flavored solo shoots, despite the more sordid sounding “gay! pornographic! website!” angle the news blog is using. On the plus side … well, even though they’ve already pulled the previews from the site, we’re sure that Fratmen wouldn’t mind inviting “Cal” and “Nash” back for a followup sometime. Fingers crossed all around!

Real College Wrestling Jocks @ (No, Really!)

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“National Champion wrestler bares all on gay porn website” (, via
“2 NU wrestlers under investigation” (
Fratmen ( and
Fratmen: Nash and Fratmen: Cal (preview videos @
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*Update: “Huskers dismiss 2 wrestlers accused of posing nude” (; more @

  • Anonymous

    We have a long way to go. The “gay web site” angle made this news.

    What sucks for these guys is that I suspect as National Championship wrestlers they would have wanted to coach. No administrator will hire them after a Google search.

    Easy summer money turned into a life changing event.

  • will and are sites where most of the guys do actually look like real college jocks, so I’m actually kind of surprised this hasn’t happened before.

    And I wonder what exactly characterizes these solo vids as being “gay” any more than the solos at Sure, they’re marketed to a gay audience, but so are Playgirl’s now.

  • Anonymous

    The NCAA can investigate (and probably will) but unless there is proof that the university (coach, staff, etc.) or a booster of the university got them the job to help them out as members of the wrestling team, there’s no violation of any NCAA rule. Student athletes are allowed to make money – the only question is whether it related to a sport or takes advantage of their scholarship, assuming they have one.

    It likely will hurt their career opportunities in wrestling and might get Jordan kicked off the team (since he’s a junior). It’s disappointing that this would have any negative effect since both are off age and just goes to show how puritanical some can be, even the blogs that made a big deal about it.

  • Anonymous

    Actaully, the NCAA would have authority over manner that these athletes made a living since they were billed as college athletes. This would most certainly violate NCAA rules. It would be no different than when Jeremy Bloom was denied the oppurtunity to earn money as a model and spokesperson for certain skiing apparel.

  • markie

    they didn’t hurt anybody. if someone doesn’t want to look they don’t have to.

  • will

    “Two Nebraska wrestlers, including one who won an NCAA championship in 2007, have been dismissed from the team after posing naked for videos and photographs on an Internet pornography site.” —

  • Anonymous

    Actually, it is against NCAA rules for any student athlete to receive compensation in any manner for the use of their image (i.e. photo). If either of these men received payment in any form, it was a violation of the rules and the University of Nebraska was correct in dismissing them from the team.

  • Come a little Miroslav Klose You’re My Kind of Man

    Nebraska has become a hot-bed of late-teen/collegiate erotica: Playmates Jordan Monroe & Lindsay Wagner, Penthouse Pet & camsite hotty Adrienne Manning, these two men’s athletes, & of course Melissa Midwest. Children of the porn, indeed.

  • Anonymous

    This two are very daring, doing thing to challenge rules and regulation of the institution…..
    I like them though…they are nice without anything…ha ha ha

  • Anonymous

    So, here we have two perfect examples of middle America young men, being punished not for public indecency, lewd behavior or any act involving another person. Their “crime” was allowing their near-perfect bodies to be photographed in the nude, nothing more. Seems to me they are a good examples of what we’re all striving for: physical fitness. What did them in were those nasty erections, as if erections were evil (a lot of people must think they are). You can be sure that these same do-gooders plant some heavy stares on the crotch areas of athletes wishing they could see the real thing, but when get a look, all we hear are howls of protest. I say the boys did nothing even remotely wrong. But, they will pay a price for simply displaying their handsome bodies. Of course that’s puritanical thinking, but we are decades away from viewing nudity for what it really is: God’s perfect handiwork. The critics should post these pictures on their bathroom wall and work like hell to emulate them, if not their erections, at least their lack of body fat.

  • Anonymous

    Still feel like these guys were treated unfairly. I wonder if they will just thrown themselves into porn even more now.

  • Anonymous

    As punishment, make them strut around campus in unabashed naked splendor. Guys so beautiful should never have to wear clothes (unless they simply want to — say if it’s cold or something). I wish these two the very best and also wish they would show me some of their wrestling moves :)

  • Anonymous

    Even if “Nash” and “Cal” refused compensation, what they contracted to do was a violation of NCAA rules. These rules have nothing to do with the fact that it was a gay website the athletes posed for, but the fact that they knowingly allowed pictures of them to be taken for commercial advertising. They have a contract with the NCAA as well, those are the rules, they should have obeyed.

    It’s sad that this happened, but this isn’t the first time they’ve violated NCAA rules. The last time they violated the the rules, they were suspended and given a warning not to let any rule violation happen again.

    These men are adults; they, and they alone, are responsible for their actions.

  • Anonymous

    wonder what their thoughts are on having done the vids in the first place.

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