Hockey Jock Doesn’t Speak, Still Carries A Big Stick

Hockey Jock Doesn't Speak, Still Carries A Big StickWell hello there, dreamily heterosexual Los Angeles Kings right wing Dustin Brown. (Ed. note: That’s a hockey team, which is why we used “stick” in the title of this post. Clever, no?) Funny you should wander into the right side of the frame during this (vintage*) ESPN interview with one of your teammates and start peeling off your jockstrap—er, not that we kept rewinding it so we could get a better look at your junk or anything. You know we just watch ESPN for the sports talk, right bro? (Video after the jump.)

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*Update A little research after we posted this turned up the fact that this footage is from a game that took place way back in October 2003; see also this discussion about it. But since we totally weren’t even around back then we don’t feel that lame just posting about it now. And besides, if anything deserves to be called a classic sports moment …

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(And in case you blinked …)

Hockey Jock Doesn't Speak, Still Carries A Big Stick

  • narymary

    It’s far more impressive in motion. All hefty and swingy and such.

  • Anonymous

    And he is shaved!!

  • Arch Noble

    Hmph! I thought the title was a foreign policy critique of Dustin Brown’s position as a right-winger: doesn’t speak — Big Stick diplomacy.

  • Anonymous


  • thelushie

    Did you see how the camera jutted just a little farther over when the good stuff was showing? I seriously need to start watching more ESPN and Hockey. Thanks for making my day! Anyone know who the player with the lovely dick is?

  • GayhawkAZ

    @thelushie: I think if you read Fleshbot’s delightful description of the clip, you’ll see that they named him: Dustin Brown, the right wing of the hockey team. ;)

  • will

    Damn you microphone, stop getting in the way!!

  • heterophobic

    @thelushie: I noticed that too. The cameraman totally “bumped” the camera to get that in the shot and make it seem innocent. Brilliant. I’ve always wondered how this kind of thing doesn’t happen more often in locker room interviews.

  • thelushie

    @GayhawkAZ: I thought Dustin was the one being interviewed. Sorry, my bad.

  • Come a little Miroslav Klose You’re My Kind of Man

    Here’s a tip: Go to Deadspin, search for “joselio hanson”, & enjoy. It’s (mostly) for the ladies…, but fellas, look closely. Also, contrary to popular belief, the JH video was not part of a “Deadspin salutes: OutSports” special.

  • Anonymous

    Sure, it’s notable because some of us find it totally HOT. But in terms of him being embarrased or it being a scandalous shot, it’s just a penis. Half the population has one. It’s just a guy after a game naked and drying off … and there’s his dick … so what?