2008 FDNY Calendar Hottie Gone Wild!

2008 FDNY Calendar Hottie Gone Wild!As if scoring the cover spot on a calendar full of insanely hot NYC firefighters wasn’t enough of a distinction, there may be something else about Staten Island’s own Michael Biserta that’ll set your parts pumping: at least one blogger has noticed the striking resemblance between the FDNY calendar coverboy and the star of a particularly infamous clip from a “Guys Gone Wild” video that made the rounds a while ago. (It’s the one with the hot Guido guy demonstrating the size of his massively huge dick by wrapping it around his wrist, in case you need a hint to jog your memory.)

Or, uh, maybe this’ll help:

A close analysis of the clip and a comparison with some pics on his (now private) MySpace profile convinced us that it’s the same dude too, which would mean that in addition to being handsome and built and dedicating his life to saving people, he’s also hung like a motherfucking horse. Life can be so not fair sometimes.

(And aren’t you proud that we managed to avoid using any more “big hose” jokes in this post? Once this news starts making its way around, we’re sure you’re going to be seeing enough of them anyway.)

· “FDNY Firefighter’s calendar coverboy’s huge cock” (pornforpatric.net)

· FDNY 2008 Calendar (nydailynews.com)

· Order the 2008 FDNY Calendar (FDNYfirezone.org)

· Order “Guys Gone Wild” (2004) (Amazon)

Update Looks like this year’s FDNY beefcake calendar will be more of a collector’s item than we thought, since the department announced it will no longer be publishing future editions thanks to Mike’s video performance. Wasn’t the whole point of it to show off what fine equipment these guys are working with anyway? (nydailynews.com – thanks Bill; more [of course] @ the NY Post)

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    He can put out my fire with his hose anyday!

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    Earlier this week, the FDNY Foundation, a non-profit that raises money for FDNY causes, released the 2008 edition of its popular Calendar of Heroes, featuring some of the Bravest’s bare-chested hunks posing in all parts of New York City and thrilling many.