DVD: Dean Monroe in "Rich Kid"


Usually one week that goes by with news of a new porn flick starring Fleshbot fave Dean Monroe would be reason enough to celebrate around here—make that two new flicks starring Dean in one week and we're fairly drooling with anticipation. "Rich Kid", the latest release in Private Man's continuing effort to take over the North American porn market, features Dean (in two of seven scenes, anyway) in the titular role as a spoiled brat who makes life hell for his underlings as his big birthday bash approaches in a plot that somehow involves gangbangs, poolside fucks, more gangbangs, and the kind of cum slurping action that big glossy porn studios here in the States still tend to shy away from. Will Dean find out that his boyfriend Tamas Eszterhazy is getting some hot ass on the side? Will he eat that semen-splattered omelette his disgruntled kitchen staff prepare for his breakfast? WIll the caterers finish making enough pâte &agrace; choux for the hors d'ouevres before the guests arrive at Dean's birthday party? We won't spoil the suspense for you ... but feel free to look for clues in our hardcore "Rich Kid" preview gallery, which you'll find after the jump.

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