Blackdouge’s Male Nudes: Vintage Playgirl Hotness


As we’ve had occasion to point out several times, Playgirl is most emphatically a magazine for women—it says so right there on the cover! As such, readers of a masculine and/or homosexualist bent might not be aware the august publication has in fact been featuring photos of naked gentlemen (for the female gaze, of course) since 1973, and therefore have been missing out on two and a half decades’ worth of sexy manflesh. Let’s all be grateful to Blackdogue for archiving dozens of Playgirl models from the magazine’s inception to the mid-90s so we have a chance to catch up with all those hairy chests and jockstraps and feathered ‘dos they’ve featured over the years. Who knew chicks were keeping all this hotness to themselves this whole time?

· Blackdouge’s Male Nudes (, via
· Thumbnail stars: John and Joe Benson (Mssrs. September 1983)

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  • felipeanuel

    Mmmmm . . . pre-intenet masturbatory material. I remember having a stack stashed away under my bed when I was sixteen (I was a big boy. The cashier never carded me– or just didn’t care). And just so my parents wouldn’t find me out, I pulled the covers off my Vanity Fairs and Details and glued them to the spines of my Playgirls. Of course, the fact that I was reading Vanity Fair and Details more than likely tipped them off to my sexual proclivities. But when you’re young, dumb and full cum, sometimes the obvious is invisible.

  • riot_boy

    haha! i remember that fabio prototype that all the models started to copy in the 90s! i never really got into that sort of type…if i wanted long blonde hair in the 90s, i would’ve chosen jennie garth.