Loving Zack Randall

Loving Zack Randall

Every so often a performer will rise from the anonymous, glabrous ranks of the amateur smut scene and achieve Official Fleshbot Crush Object™ status around these parts; Patrick at Sean Cody was one example we blathered on about during the course of his all-too-brief porn career, and now we’re happy to announce that the torch has been passed to the dreamy-eyed (and -dicked) Zack Randall as our obsession of the month week minute. We first spotted him a while back in a solo scene at ChaosMen, where he’s making two new appearances this week with a giant double-ended dildo and a friend to use it with. But over the past several months he’s also demonstrated his versatility—not to mention his ubiquity—via a self-suck photospread at Freshmen a few months ago, a cum-slurping snackfest at Jizz Addiction, and a couple of wet and wild watersports videos for Boys Pissing. (We also hear he was sighted in Playgirl last fall, but you know—that’s a magazine for chicks.) Why some studio hasn’t plucked this boy for the big leagues by now is beyond us, but maybe it’s better we kept his massive crushability (and even more massive you-know-what) as our not-so-well-kept little secret. Don’t tell anyone, ok?

· Zack and Adam & Zack (previews @ chaosmen.com)

· Zack Randall in Freshmen (hungandhot.blogspot.com)

· “Zack Randall And His Jizzy Condom At JizzAddiction.com” (queerclick.com)

· Zack @ Boys-Pissing.com (boys-pissing.com)

· Zack Randall @ MySpace (private profile [alas!] @ myspace.com)

  • deadpool

    One of the rare cases of ubiquity being a good thing… he can also be seen at Boys-Smoking:

    And while I whole… heartedly agree with Zach Randall as your current Crush Object, I’d like to nominate Adam from Blake Mason for your consideration. Between his sweet face, turgid cock and cockney accent, he’s got me all atwitter.


  • Trackback

    We just wanna give some love to Fleshbot for Eff-Bee-ing us thrice in the past week, as well as a mention of QC’s resident illustrator and new team member Ismael Alvarez in their Boyblog Booty Call: Global Warming Edition.

  • Jonnobot

    He smokes! He pisses! He slurps his own cum out of condoms! Is there anything Zack *can’t* do?

  • voiboi

    The hottest thing about sloe-eyed horse-dicked Zack? Apparently he’s deaf! You can see a big honking hearing aid behind his left ear, especially visible in the (hott!) Freshmen self-suck pics. Not really surprising that no one’s looking at his ears!

  • bobintheUK

    I read Zack’s willingness to wear his hearing aid when he’s performing for the camera as meaning he’s saying “This is me, I’m proud of what I am, take me as you find me.” That’s pretty brave I think – and makes him even sexier than he is already!