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We always suspected there was more behind Justin Timberlake's good-natured "acceptance" of Lance Bass' big gay outing: it turns out that several years ago when the future ex-Mrs. Reichen Lehmkuhl was still trying to keep his sexuality under wraps, Justin was seen hanging out in a club one night flaunting his goods and driving Eminem and assorted rappers out of their otherwise heterosexualist horned-up minds. "Em almost got hard thinking about the determination and lust in Justin's eyes as he walked across the room towards him, long, muscled arm holding a drink high above his head. Then he got whirled around. Grabbed by another man and ..." Okay, so maybe this (particular) story is made up—but it's still one of the more colorful entries at All I Have, a fansite devoted to various permutations of teen idol slash fiction starring all your favorite N'Sync and Backstreet Boy types. (Yes, Nick and Aaron are no strangers to each others's "young, Adonis-like" bodies in this fantasy universe.) For some reason, Eminem and 50 Cent feature prominently in the numerous Justin Timberlake stories, confirming our suspicions that JT leaned toward rough trade. (We can dream, can't we?)-RM

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