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London-based Euroboyonline describes itself as "Europe's hottest gay boy-fucking website" ... with an accent on the (18+) "boy" action because the menu is all-twink, all the time. (Sample copy: "Randy young guys get naked, wank, suck cock, rim and fuck hard for your pleasure and it's all available right now!!") Assuming that, as Austin Powers says, "this your bag, man", you can choose from an all-chicken buffet of over 160 models and thousands of photos and full-length streaming videos. A preview membership is free, and once you sign up you can view clips in several different video formats—though you'll have to pony up some cash to see the full-length stuff. Trawling the site should be extra fun for any gay man over thirty, and not just because of all that nubile flesh on display: that's because many pages feature a banner ad for discount poppers ("Multibuy offer save up to

2 per bottle!"). Now if that doesn't take us back to the good old days... -RM

· Euroboyonline (; free registration required to view previews)

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