Blake and Zeke @ ChaosMen

September 26, 2006 | Posted in gay by ddmarco


It's one of those Freaky Friday sex moments, perhaps a familiar situation to you. You're all set to be the top. You want to be the top. You are the top. Then your partner has a different idea, and turns the tables. That's apparently what happened (at least according to the site copy) to ChaosMen model Zeke (who identifies as "straight", of course) during his shoot with bi boy Blake: Blake had expressed interest in bottoming, but when the cameras started rolling, Blake took one look at Zeke's bubble butt and decided he wanted to fuck it. We don't blame him. Besides the tables turning, there are three on-camera firsts in the scene: Blake eats his first ass, Zeke has his ass eaten, and Zeke sucks cock. There's also plenty of footage of the two guys kissing, which could be the hottest part of the video because they both enjoyed it so much. Check out the free preview stills on ChaosMen; membership required to see the video.

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